If I could ask anything of any of you... it's to share this work, tell your friends, and keep seeking deeper into things you love!!! 

Have you ever devoted to a 15 year education, studied every day, then when you finally land the job, they say, "yeah we don't pay, but you'll get exposure." AND... that exposure is supposed to result in selling your products that cost you tons of money to fund and create. However, when you finish making the product it everyone just takes it for free online. Meanwhile, the lower level employees are getting paid??? Well that's what a lot of artists go through every day. 

We may not care or we often say, "Then you should get a decent job" sure, and you should go to city and only be allowed to hang out at the bank, I hear the apple store in Paris is super sexy.  You see, to get on the level that can entertain you takes a lot of work and devotion, and when Google or Twitter has a party, they hire these people. Why??? Because your life would suck without art, "THAT'S BACKED BY SCIENCE"... Internet marketing taught me to say things like that so you believe me. 

This is an important story to our culture whether you are aware or not. Art and commerce have been in an abusive relationship for decades. Your life needs art, and art needs money and housing. So far so good right???

Of course we are aware of this, and when someone asks what type of music we like,"Whatever's on the radio" or "I don't know, I just stream whatever" just means we have been given too much for too little and now we don't care about it anymore. 

Andrew is an artist, and he lives in a community with 200 other artists. He was finding the joy in setting himself up for the future. He was learning about team building, marketing, and business structure, when their living space was about to be sold. (This is the plot of many movies in the 80's btw) So he took a break to step up and build a team, to raise the money to hold onto this space. 

Many people think, well, that's the way it goes. Housing is booming here in the Bay Area, and well that's how the cookie crumbles, capitalism, blah blah... The reality of this is... This community has produced so many powerful and potent artists over the decades it's been around, people SHOWED THE F&#? UP!!! I mean, no matter how conservative you are, you still love music, Cirque de Soleil, or need something to entertain your children. Yeah, this place produces artists. It's not a party den, it's full of working studios that produce working artists. This is a conversation with Andrew Pulkabrek about resiliency, adaptation, and still remaining passionate. In a culture that rewards mediocrity and apathy, I'm grateful everyday that these people exist. 

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