Big 3: 3 Methods to integrate practice into our lives

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First: it leaves space for integration and flexibility for skill building. Why? Because most of the people I work with are busy adults. Our schedules change, and if it changes, and we have to stop showing up to practice, then the skill building stops and we don't have time to start over. 

Second: We often don't need to get all intense at first. Rest and recovery are just as important as being all swole or the BS that is "GO HARD!" Please stop, it's gonna blow out your wrists, burn out is real, and this is holistic. Never hurry, accomplish everything is the rule. However, be vigilant, have moments of intensity, remember yin and yang. All yang you'll burn out, all yin, well, you're dead. 

My rule is: Work out to feel Swell not Swole

Third: We have a framework based on academia. We are over scheduled and compartmentalized. Integration is like water. When you ad a drop of water to more water it becomes a part of the body of water as a whole. However, if our practice was a drop of water, it would be over in the corner used as a place to dry our laundry now. 

These 3 ways along with the 5 elements of practice are how I personally have been able to integrate practice into my life. This solves a couple issues. The need for external motivation, and your lack of discipline. It's easy to buy stuff and to sign up, but it's hard to make time to show up. Time, energy, & money are the 3 currencies in this work. Wellness industries take stock in knowing that you have money, but probably not a lot of time and energy. If this isn't you, congrats. However, you're rare. These issues are how health clubs make their money, and this mentality of creating need over skill and self cultivation is how we as trainers keep you as clients. I judge that with great intensity and joy. I am open about my opinions around it and always want to share simple ideas and remedies to the toxic mess that is our wellness and health industry. Our mindfulness should let us know that these industries are this way because we reward them for it. We sign up, they get rich, while we don't show up. It's a relationship that we contribute to as well. Hope this helps integrate a little each day. 


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