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If I was President I would allocate all the funding for the war on drugs and space program for ridding this earth of febreeze and crazy smelling household products... Yeah, all you folks at Glade will be repurposed to actually planting flowers. However, I also own a dojo and want it to be free of disease and clean for the folks that train there. In this time of heightened awareness around the spread of disease, I reached out to smart people and they guided me towards HOCl. 

FIrst thing. I was calling it HOC-EYE but the "I" is a lower case "L". I know you knew that because you haven't been punched in the head as much as me, but I am now speaking to folks like me. So, I'm just looking out for ya when you're talking to your clients. HOCL Hypochlorous Acid. 

It has been adopted now to make short and quick work of sanitizing spaces from COVID-19, and the folks over at www.ecoloxtech.com have made a super cool home unit. Here's a small vid of me unboxing it. I've been using it for a bit now. It's simple easy and if you think about the fact that you can now make your own cleaners and degreasers at home. Very cost effective in the long term. This is not a paid affiliate program. In times of quarantine we should be sharing things that are doable, simple, and accessible. I'm just a wellness educator, stunt guy, martial artist, yoga guy, and no matter how many fancy services I provide, they are nonessential. However, I do have a platform to talk about stuff. 

Let's treat these quarantines like cocoons. 


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