Permission to Rebel: 3 Simple & Potents Acts of Peaceful Revolution

If I hear one more person wax on about some revolution or zombie apocalypse, I will clone myself 1000 times and start throwing bricks at the dumpster outside your house. A real revolution is a soft and poetic act of conscious evaluation, joyful sacrifice, anonymous service, and light-hearted discipline. AKA, being normal about rigor. 


But, there are 3 simple and peaceful acts of rebellion that we can all do

The basic vanilla idea of revolution is actually distracting you from these. These are in no particular order. Just pick one or all three and spread the power. 

Grow Food

Growing food or supporting someone that does is more than just a way to stay healthy, save money, or have moral high ground at the local potluck. It's also moving you towards liberation. Communities without access to fresh food are bound to become enslaved and dependent on shipping and the medical industry. I've seen firsthand how limited access to fresh food can trap people in a cycle of pills, debt, and jumping through insurance hoops. Like circus dogs with bad knees running out of sick days faster than their blood sugar can spike. Food is liberation. Food is freedom. I remember the first time I saw food grow out of the dirt. I felt just as silly as the day I got my electricity from the sun. 

Return to Baseline

Even on your most relaxed day, you're probably spending much of it in survival mode, and when it's time to come down, you probably don't. So your baseline changes over time, as we forget what it feels like to feel at ease. It's all relative to yesterday.

Three basic ways survival mode is working against you.

  • You become reactionary and easily manipulated
  • Survival mode kills your empathy and ability to stay open-minded
  • Survival mode is bad for digestion, so you're probably weird and gassy. 

The best tools to remedy this are exercise, breathing, and getting your thoughts straight through journaling, community, and perhaps professional therapy. 

How many times do you hear the word narcissist, or empathy these days. Those words are pointed and thrown at people so often, they might as well be bricks in the hands 1000 Matt Lucases in a dumpster factory. It's just loud and getting nothing accomplished. 

Remember, you'll do anything to survive when you or anyone is in survival mode. So before you lash out, ask if you're in survival mode, trying to communicate with another person in survival mode. A person in crisis can come off pretty selfish, opportunistic, even violent. 

You are a better person when you build the skill to return to baseline, as well as being mindful of when your nervous system changes.  

How do you do that? You know how. Meditate, workout, eat well, journal about it.

Train your point of view

A point of view means you can express yourself and who you are. That is how you will find your community. We accept a world where people inspire us by cutting and pasting other people's ideas through quotes and outsourcing our own POV. Take a second to consider what those inspirational quotes mean to you. Then take a chance and communicate with your own point of view. It takes courage to do that. Remember, we are reactionary because we're a bunch of selfish monkeys in survival mode. Give the gift of modeling strength by sharing your point of view, and use it to invite other POVs if different POV's hurt you. Then get stronger or just join a cult or something. There's always a solution, I guess. Choose to be brave, and you'll totally be into what unfolds. 

Use the 5/3/5 from the JOJO. 

Sure, you want to "be the change."

How? When? Where? Are you considering the trivial or just the external default of treating people with more empathy? You can bring consciousness into all aspects of your life. Go on Amazon and try to be the change. Are you shopping for the best deal or about to take money away from a local business that sells the same thing? A person in survival mode may be so overwhelmed they just need to put their feet up and relax with a glass of wine and some weed, so they click "buy now" instead of walking around some shops. Escapism is from the point of view of someone who feels trapped. Are you? Change your POV.  


Integrating one or more of these little acts of rebellion will give others permission to rebel. Great teachers transmit through their presence, and your liberation starts with your body and mind.

The warrior is an artist with a strategy. In contrast, the monkey is a reactionary savage throwing bricks at life's dumpsters.

Be brave and rebel carefully with consistent evaluation, small sacrifices, and light-hearted discipline.


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