There used to be a big garage door leading into my dojo, and it was always open. However, life started changing in my neighborhood, crime went up about 1300% and that open door acted more like a funnel for... umm... diverse circumstances to drift into my workday. When I was asked how I was dealing with that, I said,

"All open doors need a guard. All open bodies need an immune system. Don't just open... Expand"

But what does the open door represent?


It's easy to open a door, a window, your mind, a chakra. However, when we do this, ask yourself or your teacher if you have built your guardians of the space you just opened. 

This is why I always ask students to think of expansion. It's slower, it takes more work, but it has a foundation, and when you expand, every part of the structure is fortified and grows with you. You no longer just open the door and allow anything in, you expand into the unknown. 

This is a principle I love to use when I'm meditating. I sit, and where I am is the foundation to expand from. There's a process of course, and yes, we can train it, this is a good time to remind you that I do private sessions. In a nutshell, slowly expand your consciousness as far out as you can from the point you're at. 

Did you take the YING YANG energy course in the premium Bonus Section? 

Because this is Yin Yang energy. Fun fact: damn near everything is.  We go out and in, we go up and down, etc... To open, usually just allows whatever happens to happen. You need a guardian and an immune system first for that. Trust me. We wonder why so many of our friends, maybe even ourselves, go off into convenient ceremonies to "open," but they return a little "weird." 

As I often say, "There's no back door to the front door."


Speaking of Expansion!

This week The Journal Journey (The Jo Jo) is expanding!

I am doing 4 interviews and fulfilling a huge deal for me personally. I will be speaking to people outside of the martial arts, yoga, or wellness world. I'll be speaking with the World Authors Organization, and other international groups about this work.

This is exciting for me, because, well... I am not very athletic. My practice is what built my guardians to exist in a very volatile and uncertain life, and stay safe, strong, creative, and able to expand instead of getting my ass handed to me every night. Which was my reality from like 1990-2000 honestly. Being thrown into the world of being a "Super Athlete" was not the plan, nor is it sustainable. Seeking balance is. Martial arts allowed me to see that even our demons are our angels. Like the great Tom Waits said, "I'd exorcise my demons, but my angels might leave too." This was the Yin Yang energy of who I was, I was a flailing wimp, and I need this to balance that out a bit. Now, when I flail and cry, it's because the situation called for it, or you drug me out on the dance floor, and I'm not allowed to fight you because you're "dressed up."  

I have seen the reality of a person sitting at the table feeling sh!tty, because when we were all sharing our scars... They didn't have any. 


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