The great Master David Wei decided to have me over for tea and interview me by asking me a series of true/false questions. The audio doesn't start till 4 minutes into the interview, but we got most of the questions. The first question, though, was.

T/F - Did we really meet in a Russian Mafia Bathhouse half-naked?

True- David and I did meet that way. It's great when you can meet a person in such a weird way and also have such an immediate connection. I thank social media for this. He and I have known about each other for years, so it was great to finally meet him, even if we were both sweaty and in shorts. 

David loves putting me on the spot and knows that I have a lot of stories, and lately, through meditations, I have had repressed memories flooding back into my heart and mind. This is a massive part of becoming whole again as a person. I have always been the type of person who learns through experience, and in my youth, I was too angry, arrogant, and manic to discern when I was getting in over my head. Survival will often place us in precarious situations. I was very lucky to have a foundation in practice through martial arts and music. Both of these artforms allow for alchemical transformation of pain, suffering, violence, or any other energy you throw at them. Just think about the power of music, it turned oppression into blues and rock & roll. Martial arts is the path to turning war and violence into peace, health, and longevity. Bam!!! Grateful AF! 

This is why I am so grateful today. To be surrounded by healthy and empowered people. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those people; thank you. 

Check out David Wei HERE


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